Balancing the Pelvis 

Saturday 8/02/2020 and Sunday 9/02/2020

From 09 Uhr bis 13 Uhr

Balancing the  pelvic tilt  is the key to finding stability and effortlessness in many Yoga poses.  Individual anatomy and our daily ingrained patterns often shift our pelvis in a dominantly forward (anterior) or backwards (posterior) tilted pelvis.  This influences not only our posture but also our breathing pattern and therefore our state of mind.  

During this workshop we investigate our own dominant patterns in a large variety of poses.  After establishing this awareness we will learn to engage muscular actions to strengthen areas of weakness while addressing tension with conscious directed breathing.  The result is a practice that brings you closer to stability and lightness on your mat and in daily life.  

Place: Fit Yoga Brugge Belgium 
Preis: 108€


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