Spice up your yoga practice : Oktober 2020

Morning session 10h00 - 12h30

A step by step approach to some of the funkiest moves and poses in the Ashtanga practice. Learn how to approach the Floating Sun Salutation; the jump through and jump back; Chakrasana (dynamic back roll) and the handstand. No previous experience in Ashtanga is required. These moves and poses will be approached in a sensible, gentle well-structured way so that students can take home a program to progressively develop them in accordance with their own abilities.

Afternoon session 14H00 - 16H30

How does the stuff we do on the mat relate to ancient Yoga philosophy? Can this integration bring added value to our lives?  In this fun theoretical workshop, students will explore the link between the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of the dynamic movements practised in the morning with Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras and the way we ride/navigate through life. Special attention will be given to the vinyasa concept as flow/ritual and its related qualities (concentration, meditation, effortless, steadiness, sacredness, etc).

Place:  Yoga Loft Kirchberg
Price:  one workshop 50€ both 90€
Teachers:  Etienne Janssen & Fernanda Rubim 

  Balancing the Pelvis: Oktober 2020

From 14Hrs until 18 Hrs 

Balancing the pelvic tilt is the key to finding stability and effortlessness in many Yoga poses.  Individual anatomy and our daily ingrained patterns often shift our pelvis in a dominantly forward (anterior) or backwards (posterior) tilted pelvis.  This influences not only our posture but also our breathing pattern and therefore our state of mind.  

During this workshop, we investigate our own dominant patterns in a large variety of poses.  After establishing this awareness we will learn to engage muscular actions to strengthen areas of weakness while addressing tension with conscious directed breathing.  The result is a practice that brings you closer to stability and lightness on your mat and in daily life.  

Place: La Source 
Price:  70 €

Teachers:  Etienne Janssen & Fernanda Rubim



Nadi Sodhana:  Oktober 2020

Exact date to be announced soon.  

Friday:  18Hrs-20 Hrs 

Saturday: 09Hrs - 12 Hrs 

Sunday:  09Hrs - 12 Hrs 


The second series of the Ashtanga Yoga system made accessible for all with at least two years of regular practice.  

Where:  Yoga Atelier Gmünd 

Price:  98€

Teacher:  Etienne Janssen


Work hard, play hard: 25 - 27 September 

Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 12.02.40.png

Practice the traditional counted Ashtanga primary and intermediate series in the morning, spice up your practice with the evening workshops and enjoy the jaw-dropping nature, mouthwatering food and astonishing spa in between. 

Where:  4 Star Bio Vegetarian Hotel Weisenseerhof

Price:  120€ for the workshops 

Hotel:  250€ based on half board in double occupancy.  (single rooms available at extra cost).  

Teachers:  Etienne Janssen & Fernanda Rubim